18 Jul

Everyday is a Good Day – Morning Qigong

Waking up in the morning is a blessing. Take one minute to be in gratitude. Then stretch your limbs in bed to any direction (like cats do) and wiggle the toes before rising. This will set you up for success and good feeling. The Qi is beginning to flow. After your morning rituals of cleanse and a glass of water, take a few minutes to invest in your health, happiness and well being by practicing Qigong: Stand quietly and breath naturally through your nose. Notice and adjust your alignment. Inhaling think “Relax”, Exhaling thing “Letting Go”. When thoughts and worries come, let them go and return to observing your breath. This is the art of doing nothing and gaining everything.

22 Jul

Tai Chi and Qigong Outdoors

The inspiring feeling of practicing Tai Chi and Qigong outdoors, especially next to water or trees can be described as an injection of health and tranquility. The fresh Chi emanating from nature, transforms the quality of the practice into a deeper experience and a lasting feeling of well being.  That is why we practice in the parks – either at Holmby park in Westwood, near the tall, beautiful and powerful trees, or in Culver City at Paulson park, where the grass and the trees are green, engulfing us with nature’s healing Chi. In Santa Monica at the Colorado center, we seek the intimacy of the trees for protection and inspiration. Trees provide us with shade and protection, home and food  for many animals. Trees convert sunlight into into food! They absorb Carbon Monoxide and produce fresh and clean Oxygen for us to breath. Trees are some of the oldest living beings on the planet. Ancient tea trees in Yunan province in China are between 2000 and 4000 years old! Trees are inspiration for stability, ease, power, relaxation and rootedness. We know trees communicate under ground over wide distances, help each other by transferring food and nutrients to and from each other. (for more on this fascinating subject listen to the pod cast from RadioLab). 

“In stillness be like a tree, in movement be like water or clouds” ( Tai Chi Proverb)


30 Aug

Book Recommendation

Tai Chi Chuan For Health and Self-Defense – Philosophy and Practice by Master T.T. Liang, is a must read for all who wish to further their Tai Chi studies. Most Tai Chi books are badly translated from Chinese. Master T.T. Liang was fluent in English and Chinese and his understanding of the art is profound. He provides the reader with clear translations of the Tai Chi Chuan classics, which are the bed rock of the art. Short yet comprehensive  and enjoyable read. Recommended Highly !

you can purchase it HERE

30 Aug

Tai Chi In Nature

Standing in silence, practicing Qigong and moving though our Tai Chi set under the beautiful trees in Holmby Park in Westwood, inspires me to deepen the meaning and  quality of my practice.  I recommend for everyone to make time to be in nature and perform Tai Chi, Qigong or stand in silence, breathing deep and slow, enjoying the quality unique to nature. You will return home, feeling relaxed, rejuvenated , at home.

09 Oct


It has been over three years since our teacher, mentor and friend Ten Ching Hou transitioned unexpectedly. He left us with the task and inspiration to continue practice and teach authentic Tai Chi and Qi Gong. He transmitted to us his beautiful form – Old Yang Style Long Form. This form is rather rare and in many ways looks different than other Yang styles. However it is the principals of Tai Chi and in particular Yang style Tai Chi that are the essence of our studies – Harmony, Yin and Yang, Chi Cultivation, Centeredness, Alignment, Balance, Breath and the Postures. Stillness and movement, soft overcomes the hard, having a positive outlook on life and embodying the human aspects of generosity and kindness.

We keep returning to Ten Ching Hou’s inspiring Moto “Tai Chi Does a Life Good”  in our practice and in daily life.

Our classes in Santa Monica, Culver City and Westwood are expanding. New students are joining and beginning to feel the positive effects TaiChi and Qigong practice have on their well being.


Book recommendation and review:

“The Way of Qigong” by Kenneth Cohen.

Our long time student and friend, Mr. Jack Lord – first introduced this wonderful book to us, thank you Jack!

Mr. Cohen is a Qigong master who teaches all over the world and has contributed greatly to the advancement of the art. His writings in “The Way of Qigong” are simple, easy to understand and follow. His inspiring meditations and practical exercises will enrich your life and your practice. Mr. Cohen offers profound insight into the background and origins of Qigong. His mastery is rooted in years of study of the origins of the art, Chinese language and culture, as well as his experience teaching and practicing. “The Way of Qigong” by Kenneth Cohen is a must for every student of Tai Chi and Qigong and a comprehensive resource for the rest of your life.