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We offer more than just Tai Chi classes.

Since our inception, ‘Be Like Water’ has developed a warm and welcoming community of students in West Los Angeles. Committed to keeping our classes small to ensure quality and individual attention, we welcome students at all levels of fitness and martial arts knowledge. Everyone comes to us for different reasons – some are new to the practice and want to learn Tai Chi, while others have an interest in a variety of forms of martial arts training. Many others simply want to adopt a holistic health approach in their life. The community that has been built reflects the diversity of the area with students of all ages and backgrounds attending classes.

Classes are held every day and each is about an hour to and hour and a half long. Tai Chi classes are detailed and focused to instill the student’s confidence in the routines, which is particularly important for beginners. The aim is to progressively create a deep physical and mental understanding of the principles and through repetitive practice, build a stronger understanding of the martial and health application of every stance and move.

Classes include a thorough foundation warm up and Qigong exercises for mobilization, while practice and application of technique and closing meditations ensure a safe Tai Chi practice. Classes are tailored to fit the physical needs and abilities of the students and everyone is encouraged to practice with intention to avoid injuries and promote self-care.  To help improve and track our students’ progress, we offer written materials, video reviews and one on one sessions between student and teacher.

‘Be Like Water’ holds daily Tai Chi practice sessions as well as local field trips to explore other Tai Chi styles and martial arts. Classes are held in Santa Monica and north Inglewood.

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