what do people love to learn tai chi


What our students are saying about their journey to learn Tai Chi.

‘Be Like Water’ is one of the most intentionally focused and respected schools in West LA to learn Tai Chi. Our unparalleled Chinese martial arts training focuses on old Yang Style Tai Chi and Qi Gong meditation to increase wellbeing. Our previous students have offered testimonials about their experiences at the school to give new and prospective students an idea of the quality of the teachings, professional approach and integrity of our practice.


“Excellent school with great outdoor practice and learning locations! I’ve been a student for over one year and really appreciate the depth of knowledge, open mindedness and welcoming hospitality offered by the instructors. They offer a focus on health and well-being, martial application, and Qi gong integration as well.”



“I highly recommend all the instructors.  It’s like hiring a personal trainer. They are keeping me young, limber, and balanced.”



“An opportunity to learn and grow, surrounded by a welcoming community.”



“Thoughtful instruction from teachers with a deep understanding of Tai Chi. Convenient outdoor settings are a real plus. Non-competitive atmosphere with a group that goes beyond the movements to philosophy and application. I’ve studied Tai Chi for years and still have learned so much in just a few months from instructors and students at ‘Be Like Water’ Tai Chi.”



“One of the distinguishing characteristics of Tommy’s Tai Chi classes is her emphasis on warm-up.
 As one of the older students, I know she’s improved my balance and flexibility. Plus you get all the benefits of Tai Chi!”



e of the d I’ve been working with Tommy and Hagai for about 8 months now and I am very happy the I have found them.   As a 44 year old surfer and former skateboarder, my joints (knees, ankles) have taken a beating over the years and I’ve been looking for a way to strengthen them and improve my balance, and I’ve definitely found it here.  That obviously isn’t the only reason that one would pursue the internal martial arts, but it certainly is a practical one.  I’m finding that getting to my feet and getting set up for waves has improved, I used to grab the rail on my backside a lot and now it’s just when I absolutely have to.  With time, your leg strength in your important balance muscles will improve dramatically.  Tommy and Hagai are both deeply committed and teach a mix of forms with the primary focus on the Old Yang style of Tai Chi that they learned from their master.  You can expect understanding, kind people with a strong work ethic and small class size, sometimes even one on one.  It is not a big school but I am sure that with time it will grow; with the small size, it’s amazing how developed the skills of some of the advanced students are; encouraging.  We really don’t spar, but you’ll certainly learn the pre-cursors to sparring and application in their classes.  All ages.

My wife, Lynn, and I found Tommy and her husband, Hagai, after first observing classes taught by other Tai Chi instructors in Santa Monica, and we couldn’t be happier. Trained in Tai Chi and Qigong, they dedicatedly provide very supportive, attentive, and patient guidance for both beginners, and for more advanced students in outdoor classes held at various times and locations in the Santa Monica area. Lynn and I have found their classes to be calming,  centering, and energizing and look forward to our Saturday class outdoors at the Colorado Center. Their pre-class Qigong warm-up exercises are also terrific! Another plus is that their classes cost less than any of the others that we checked out. But go see for yourself and Enjoy

I have been with Tommy and Hagai for almost 5 wonderful years.  My physical and mental faculties have shown remarkable growth in these Tai Chi years.  I so look forward to our breezy Santa Monica classes because it makes my whole day go better.  We are like a family and I don’t know what I would do without them.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.