30 Aug

Book Recommendation

Tai Chi Chuan For Health and Self-Defense – Philosophy and Practice by Master T.T. Liang, is a must read for all who wish to further their Tai Chi studies. Most Tai Chi books are badly translated from Chinese. Master T.T. Liang was fluent in English and Chinese and his understanding of the art is profound. He provides the reader with clear translations of the Tai Chi Chuan classics, which are the bed rock of the art. Short yet comprehensive  and enjoyable read. Recommended Highly !

you can purchase it HERE

30 Aug

Tai Chi In Nature

Standing in silence, practicing Qigong and moving though our Tai Chi set under the beautiful trees in Holmby Park in Westwood, inspires me to deepen the meaning and  quality of my practice.  I recommend for everyone to make time to be in nature and perform Tai Chi, Qigong or stand in silence, breathing deep and slow, enjoying the quality unique to nature. You will return home, feeling relaxed, rejuvenated , at home.