09 Oct


It has been over three years since our teacher, mentor and friend Ten Ching Hou transitioned unexpectedly. He left us with the task and inspiration to continue practice and teach authentic Tai Chi and Qi Gong. He transmitted to us his beautiful form – Old Yang Style Long Form. This form is rather rare and in many ways looks different than other Yang styles. However it is the principals of Tai Chi and in particular Yang style Tai Chi that are the essence of our studies – Harmony, Yin and Yang, Chi Cultivation, Centeredness, Alignment, Balance, Breath and the Postures. Stillness and movement, soft overcomes the hard, having a positive outlook on life and embodying the human aspects of generosity and kindness.

We keep returning to Ten Ching Hou’s inspiring Moto “Tai Chi Does a Life Good”  in our practice and in daily life.

Our classes in Santa Monica, Culver City and Westwood are expanding. New students are joining and beginning to feel the positive effects TaiChi and Qigong practice have on their well being.


Book recommendation and review:

“The Way of Qigong” by Kenneth Cohen.

Our long time student and friend, Mr. Jack Lord – first introduced this wonderful book to us, thank you Jack!

Mr. Cohen is a Qigong master who teaches all over the world and has contributed greatly to the advancement of the art. His writings in “The Way of Qigong” are simple, easy to understand and follow. His inspiring meditations and practical exercises will enrich your life and your practice. Mr. Cohen offers profound insight into the background and origins of Qigong. His mastery is rooted in years of study of the origins of the art, Chinese language and culture, as well as his experience teaching and practicing. “The Way of Qigong” by Kenneth Cohen is a must for every student of Tai Chi and Qigong and a comprehensive resource for the rest of your life.